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High quality, all-inclusive, safe, supportive, independent housing for individuals.

We Cater to Your Housing Needs 
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Heat, Electric, Water & Sewer, Telephone Service, Television, Cable Television Connection, Stove, Refrigerator, Microwave, Vacuum Cleaner, Iron and Ironing Board, Dishes, Pots & Pans, Kitchen Utensils, a Housekeeper, Handyman, and Yard Service.

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Your security, comfort and satisfaction is are our priority. You need only bring your toothbrush, your clothes, and other personal items to settle in and feel at home!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are "All Inclusive Collective Housing"?

A: Individual tenants share a house or an apartment as a family unit. Each person has their own private bedroom and shares the common areas like living room, family room and kitchen.


Q: What type of people rent "All Inclusive Collective Housing"?

A: While we are especially committed to persons with Special Needs, we welcome everyone – Students, Veterans, People with Special Needs, Senior Citizens – just to mention a few. “All Inclusive Shared Rentals Collective Housing” are is for anyone who enjoys sharing the comforts of a home living with other like-minded individuals.


Q: Where are the 
rentals located?

A: Wherever they are needed, as we respond to the requests of Social Services client advocates. Most properties will be centrally located, and near a post office, grocery store, coffee shops and restaurants – we own homes all over, therefore we’re sure that you are going to find a home in an area in which you are going to enjoy living… and if we do not as yet have one, then we’ll be your concierge and go out and get it!

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We are very sensitive to the social isolation that can accompany independent living arrangements and pay special attention to the layout of our properties, and their locales, to make them places where family and friends enjoy visiting, feel welcome, and can be entertained.

Concierge Service

Are you searching for housing for your clients wishing to live independently, in an area where we are represented, but do not currently have units available? Subject to a minimum of two rooms, and a lease for one year, we are prepared to go out and secure new properties to house our special residents.
We are especially committed to addressing the growing demand for Special Needs Housing; therefore, just tell us the general area in which the home should be located, the number of rooms needed, the Agency for which you work, and your contact information, and we will reach out promptly to begin working with you on making your clients our clients, as well.